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In 2020 I returned to studio practice at Little Hill Studios, Raglan. With experimentation, risk and change at the centre of my art.


Acrylic/oil stick, 910x460mm $400

Heart Brake

Acrylic/oil stick, 760x760mm $640


Acrylic/oilstick, Indian ink, 1750x1250mm $1800

Self Portrait As Howl

Acrylic/oil stick, Indian ink, 1520x1200mm $1200

Blah Blah

Acrylic/oil stick, Indian ink 510x510mm $380

Heart Break

Acrylic, oil, 250x400mm $460

Not Ascending

Acrylic/oil stick, 760x760mm $640

Threatening Me

Acrylic/oil, Indian ink, 760x760mm $640

Heart Beat

Acrylic/oil stick, 760x760mm $640

I'm Fine Fineeee!

Acrylic/oil stick, Indian ink, 900x720mm $660

Rush of Blood

Acrylic/oil stick, 460x460mm $360

Wolf Doesn't Care What Meat Thinks

Acrylic/oil stick, 510x510mm $380

I’ve had a long career in the art world. Painting, writing, Community arts, Arts advisory & facilitation. Influenced by my landscape artist/writer mother I always had a studio practice and sketch books. She encouraged me to exhibit throughout the Waikato, Auckland, Taupo, Wellington in the early days.